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We have been overwhelmed by the number and the level of quality of the projects we received from talented designers all over the world. In total 73 change designers, artists and food professionals applied for the Future Food Design Awards. Three nominees are selected by an internationally renowned jury, whose members include eating designer Marije Vogelzang, design journalist Nadine Botha, philosopher Koert van Mensvoort, innovative farmer Jeroen Klompe and researcher Hans Dagevos.

Here are the three innovative projects chosen by our jury! You decide who wins the audience award of €2.500. Vote now!

Marie Caye & Arvid Jense – SAM

SAM, The Symbiotic Autonomous Machine, employs water kefir grains to produce a beverage, acting as a small scale automated food production. This hybrid robot is both technological and organic, it strives to earn a living in the human world as an independent entity, raising questions on ethics and machine rights.

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Fernando Laposse – Totomoxtle

Totomoxtle is a project inspired by the relationship of Mexico with its maize by creating a surfacing material from naturally coloured, native corn husks. The process is simple, the husks are flattened and glued onto veneer or MDF which can be sawed and lasercut to create tiles or marquetry for interiors and furniture.

Apart from creating a sustainable material, the project also aims to raise awareness about the uncertain future of heirloom maize and the people that harvest it using traditional methods in an increasingly globalised world.

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Katharina Unger – Livin Farms Hive

Livin Farms Hive is the world ́s first desktop farm to grow edible insects in people ́s homes. Our aim with the Hive is to educate and introduce this new food source into people ́s lives. The urge to interact with it, to learn about the growth cycle of the mealworms reared in the device and the process of killing and cooking them was transformative for us as a team and we can foresee similar changes of relationship between people and their „future foods“.

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